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  • Dongguan Guanwei Trading Co., Ltd. Domestic and foreign trading companies specializing in various flame retardants

    Dongguan Guanwei Trading Co., Ltd. is a domestic and foreign trading company specializing in various flame retardants. Main products: Chenzhou Brand Nano Antimony Trioxide, High Purity Antimony Trioxide, Ordinary Grade Antimony Trioxide. Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch. Sodium Antimonate. Ethylene Glycol Antimony, Aluminum Hydroxide. Magnesium Hydroxide.........

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    • Effectively suppresses flammability

      Flame retardants give full play to the characteristics of a large amount of heat absorption when combined with water vapor, and improve their own flame retardant ability.

      Effectively suppresses flammability
      With thermal insulation and oxygen insulation

      The flame retardant can form a glass-like or stable foam cover at high temperature, isolate oxygen, and have the effect of heat insulation, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant.

      With thermal insulation and oxygen insulation
      Can be used in combustion zone

      Flame retardants capture the free radicals in the combustion reaction, thereby preventing the spread of the flame, and finally slowing down the combustion reaction until it is terminated.

      Can be used in combustion zone
      Has the effect of diluting the oxygen concentration

      When the flame retardant is heated, it decomposes into a non-combustible gas, which has a diluting effect on the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone.


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  • The agent's antimony is"Chenzhou brand"

    Its manufacturer is Changde Chenzhou Antimony Products Co., Ltd.

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    • Years of focus on flame retardants, etc.

      The company's products are widely used in engineering plastics, rubber, inks, coatings and other chemical fields, and make every effort to provide users with excellent services in new product development, application technology research and technical support.

    • Professional sales team

      The company has gathered a group of sales teams specializing in flame retardant products, specializing in the sales of flame retardant products. Constantly improving and strengthening ourselves, we have a good control of product quality and production speed.

    • Achievements in flame retardants

      Familiar with product features and processes, and accurately control every detail of the product. The indicators of each batch of engineering modified plastics, polymer materials, fine chemicals and composite materials meet the standards.

    • Good after-sales service

      The 7*12-hour customer service hotline provides all aspects of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, adhering to the service tenet of providing peace of mind and peace of mind for millions of users.


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