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    Nowadays, with the transition of the times, it is visible to the naked eye that science and technology are constantly progressing and developing. In the past, spaceflight once again launched exploration and challenges to space, and later, in the fields that require scientific and technological facilities, large-scale projects are being carried out. step-by-step and innovation. And some compounds that cannot be ignored have also appeared in front of people, such as antimony oxide, a crystal that has a good performance in most superconducting materials.

    There is scientific basis to know that ultra-thin oxides have a particularly high dielectric constant, which not only has a particularly good application prospect in electronic devices. However, the current top priority of the current international situation is to reverse inflation, and the market sentiment is pessimistic due to the increasing expectations of tightening economic policy. This number has been rising due to strange weather, rising international operating costs, global energy shortages and the impact of the international epidemic. And antimony prices will remain under a series of pressures in the short term, and as the impact of new power supply cuts is expected to rise, its government bond yields (yields) and the dollar are expected to rise amid falling U.S. stocks. The continued rise in the price also indirectly led to the intensification of the pressure on the successor.

    However, at present, ultra-thin and high-quality single crystals are prepared under the control of practical application of ultra-thin oxides. The reported research is limited to the synthesis of amorphous or polycrystalline oxide films, and prices will be reduced accordingly after economic recovery in the future. . And amorphous or polycrystalline oxide films often have defects and interface states, especially when the thickness of the oxide is small, it is more likely to cause leakage, so it is necessary to develop an ultra-thin oxide single crystal preparation strategy in the field of antimony oxide in the future. of.

    It cannot be ignored that the properties of antimony oxide are in very short demand in today's technological innovation. At present, people need to use high-quality scientific and technological facilities and products to achieve higher, faster and stronger "three-shift" principle requirements, so as to save time and energy so that they can focus on the more worthy of research and development. things to explore.

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