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    From some previous news reports, we can know that the market supply of antimony raw materials is relatively tight, which means that the production and consumption of products using antimony as raw materials will also be affected, especially for a wide range of uses. The effect of antimony trioxide, which is very good, is great. So what are the advantages of this chemical product, which is very popular in the chemical and polyester industries?

    First, the flame retardant effect is durable

    According to the introduction of antimony trioxide manufacturers with good reputation and good service attitude in the market, this chemical product has a very prominent advantage that its flame retardant effect is very long-lasting, because flame retardants are often used in life , is no stranger to its flame retardant effect. However, many friends may not know how long it will last. In fact, there will be no sudden ineffectiveness during use, and the effect of antimony trioxide will last for a long time.

    Second, environmentally friendly

    It is undeniable that with the continuous implantation of the concept of green environmental protection, people are paying more and more attention to it. It can be seen from some consumption in our life. A large part of the reason why antimony products are willing to use in many fields is that they are very good for the environment, and they will not produce corrosive gases during use and will not volatilize during storage.

    Three, strong weather resistance and good thermal stability

    Undoubtedly, for some white crystalline chemical substances, many people tend to pay attention to its thermal stability and weather resistance, etc. This is mainly because many such substances will be affected by changes in climatic environment and temperature. The performance will change. According to the manufacturer of finely produced high-quality antimony trioxide, this substance has excellent weather resistance and stability.

    It can be seen that for the credible antimony trioxide products with a very wide range of applications, it not only shows a certain durability in terms of flame retardancy, but also shows a key stability in terms of weather resistance. In addition, there is no need to worry about corrosiveness in the process of use, and there is no need to worry about its volatilization or precipitation.

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