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    Antimony oxide‍ is a commonly used chemical, and it is divided into antimony trioxide and antimony pentoxide. These products are not only white It is a crystalline powder with high melting point and boiling point, so it can be used in white paints and plastics to play an effective flame retardant role. So, when you need to use antimony oxide, how should you choose it correctly?

    Part 1. Choose according to usage needs

    Although there are many different types of antimony oxide, there are actually some differences between each type. When antimony is oxidized, it is necessary to first understand the real purpose of use. Only after understanding the specific needs of use, and then selecting according to these needs, can we find the appropriate antimony products.

    Part 2. Choose according to performance indicators

    When choosing oxidized antimony products, you should first understand the performance indicators of antimony products in all aspects to see whether the performance indicators of antimony products meet the standards and whether these performance indicators of antimony products can meet the actual application needs Therefore, when purchasing antimony products, it should also be selected according to its performance indicators.

    Chapter 3. Choose according to quality

    Because this antimony product is a good flame retardant material, when you choose this antimony product, you should choose it according to the specific use requirements and performance indicators. The quality of antimony products is selected, because if the quality of antimony products is unreliable, it will not be able to fully play its due role after use, and it will not be able to achieve the ideal fire and flame retardant effect.

    Antimony oxide‍ can be used in many aspects, such as plastics, paints, enamels and other products can be used in the production of this product, and antimony can also play an important role, so when choosing antimony oxide‍ It must be selected according to the actual use requirements and performance quality, and special attention must be paid to the quality of antimony oxide.

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