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    Flame retardants play an important role in many of our materials, and anyone who knows about flame retardants knows that when flame retardant manufacturers produce Generally, some phosphorus-nitrogen modified materials are used as flame retardants. And because this flame retardant uses red phosphorus, when it is used as an additive, it is easy to affect the original color of our products, and it has strong corrosiveness in high temperature and humid environment, so for a long time , flame retardant manufacturers continue to research and develop new materials.

    In the process of research and development of flame retardant manufacturers, some flame retardants with inorganic properties have also been synthesized using aluminum or magnesium hydroxide as the basic material. However, in the process of using these inorganic flame retardants, the amount of investment required is particularly large, which directly affects the form of our final products. And because of its inorganic properties, it cannot be easily stirred in the process of stirring, resulting in mechanical wear and so on.

    Because of the continuous trial and development of flame retardant manufacturers, halogen-free flame retardants are gradually known by everyone. However, because the flame retardant does not contain any substances that chemically react in any low temperature environment, there is basically no precipitation of the flame retardant in the finished halogen-free flame retardant plastic. And this feature also raised its "worth" up. At present, more and more flame retardant manufacturers and other partners are actively developing various new types of halogen-free materials in order to be able to apply halogen-free flame retardants more widely in life. among the parts.

    In the application cases, the more successful ones should belong to the electronic product industry, because the general requirements of electronic products are relatively strict. In addition to the strict requirements for wiring and wiring, the material selection of the motherboard is also very important. Compared with traditional flame retardant materials, halogen-free flame retardant plastics can better meet the safety, strength and design of products. Moreover, the operation of the whole production process is extremely simple, and the low price of raw materials also makes the cost controllable. Therefore, for other flame retardant manufacturers, they should also tend to the production of halogen-free flame retardants and conform to the trend of the times. to last long.

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