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    We should all learn about accelerants and flame retardants in school, one helps to ignite and the other prevents ignition. Combustion support is no stranger to us, so how much do you know about flame retardants? In fact, the principle is very simple, that is, it is the opposite of the accelerant. Let's talk about some of its effects.

    1. Endothermic effect

    The heat energy released by any combustion in a short period of time is limited. If part of the heat energy released by the open flame can be digested and absorbed in a short period of time, the temperature of the flame will be reduced and spread to the combustion The surface layer and the thermal energy produced to crack the already vaporized flammable molecular structures into free radicals are reduced. Under the condition of continuous high temperature, the flame retardant has an obvious endothermic situation, digesting and absorbing part of the heat energy released by the ignition, reducing the temperature of the surface layer of the combustible material, effectively controlling the formation of combustible gas, and blocking the spread of ignition.

    2. Overlay effect

    After being added to the flammable material, it will produce a glass-like or stable foam cover under continuous high temperature, which can block oxygen, and has the effect of preventing heat, oxygen and flammable gas from escaping, so it can prevent Burn purpose.

    3. Control chain reaction

    According to the basic theory of the chain reaction of ignition, it can be used in the gas phase combustion zone to capture the free radicals generated in the combustion reaction, thus blocking the spread of the flame, reducing the relative density of the flame in the combustion zone, and reducing the speed of the combustion reaction until stop.

    4. Inflammable gas suffocation effect

    When heated, it transforms into non-flammable gas, and dilutes the concentration of flammable gas transformed from combustible substances to below the lower ignition limit. At the same time, it also has the effect of dissolving and diluting the oxygen content in the ignition area, preventing the continuous development of combustion and achieving the effect of flame retardant.

    The above is what we talked about about the effect of flame retardants. Does it feel similar to combustion accelerants? The principle is the same, but the effect is opposite. But if we want to buy it, we not only need to understand its effects, but also carefully ponder the usage and product quality.

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