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    According to relevant information sharing feedback, the market sales of flame retardant additives can be said to be increasing day by day and their popularity is high in recent years. It is widely used in the addition of engineering plastics (ABS), rubber and paints and other materials. This has also prompted more and more industries to place high hopes on the easy-to-use flame retardants. Now I will briefly explain why flame retardants are widely used in the chemical fiber industry. :

    1. Halogen-free environmental protection and good functionality

    Flame retardants have been active in many different application fields such as pigments, paints and chemical fibers. This is because it is an environmentally friendly halogen-free material, so it has a good environmental protection function. Applying it to the production of chemical fiber can ensure that chemical fiber products can be produced in a more natural environment without generating halogen, which is in line with the market. Basic requirements for chemical fiber products.

    2. It will not affect the chemical and physical properties of chemical fiber products

    The reason why flame retardants enjoy a high reputation in many different industries is that its flame retardant effect does not affect the chemical and physical properties of chemical fiber products. Therefore, whether it is used to make chemical fibers or viscose staple fiber PP, etc., it will not affect the original characteristics of these products.

    3. Good flame retardant effect

    Flame retardants have gradually become an indispensable and important additive in various fields. It can ensure that all added flame retardants will not burn and will not produce spontaneous combustion, because high-performance flame retardant additives can be uniformly dispersed in various types of products, such as polyester staple fiber PET, Viscose staple fiber PP, etc. are generally used as additives.

    Flame retardants are constantly innovating their sales records in various sales industries, especially the popularity of practical flame retardants is on the rise. The reason why it is widely used in the chemical fiber industry is not only because of its halogen-free environmental protection function and good flame retardant effect, but also because it does not affect the chemical and physical properties of chemical fiber products.

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