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    Alumina trihydrate (ATH) is an acidic, halogen-free flame retardant for a variety of plastics. Both compounds can be decomposed according to the following reaction formula under endothermic conditions: 2Al(OH)3 ---> Al2O3 + 3H2O

    The gaseous water phase is believed to cover the flame, thus keeping oxygen out and diluting the flammable gas. Similar to the coke-forming function of phosphorus-containing flame retardants, an insulating substance is formed on the surface of the material in contact with the flame, reducing the possibility of combustion decomposition products flowing into the combustion gas phase. In the above equation, the product of decomposition is the non-toxic mineral phase.

    Aluminum hydroxide has high chemical stability at room temperature. After being heated to 220 degrees, it begins to endothermic decomposition and releases three crystal waters. Lose two crystal waters into boehmite. The above endothermic dehydration process delays the combustion of the polymer. Aluminum hydroxide acts as a radiator and slows down the combustion speed. At the same time, the released water vapor not only dilutes the combustion gas, but also participates in the reaction of the condensed phase. The endothermic decomposition is based on When aluminum hydroxide decomposes, it absorbs a lot of heat, and only emits steam when it is decomposed by heat, and does not produce toxic, flammable or corrosive gases. The triple function of smoke makes it a filler of particular interest in the materials industry.

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