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    Reassuring flame retardants are widely used in various flammable materials, and their use not only improves the safety of various materials, but also prevents many fire situations There are many types of similar products in the current market, and they can be divided in more detail in combination with different components. The following is a detailed description of the relevant classification of flame retardants according to their components.

    Type one: inorganic salts

    Inorganic salts are the most commonly used flame retardant substances. They are mainly composed of some inorganic substances such as magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. The reason why this substance is widely used is mainly due to its own characteristics. It is directly related. Usually, there is no toxicity and no smoke generation during use. More importantly, it is suitable for any different fields. There are no requirements for application scenarios and products. Therefore, the current demand for flame retardant substances in the market comes from This substance, and the use of it also shows a trend of gradual increase.

    Type 2: Inorganic Hybrid

    Inorganic mixed substances are mainly products that have been improved after long-term experiments. These substances often have strong flame retardant properties and are very suitable for use in some textiles, even after long-term continuous washing. The performance will not have much impact. At the same time, there are still many water-soluble inorganic phosphoric acid substances, which have been able to gradually replace the flame retardant substances of inorganic salts, and this has also fundamentally alleviated the market's concern for inorganic phosphates. There is a high demand for salt-based flame retardant substances. In fact, any type of flame retardant substance has a very good flame retardant effect.

    Actually, the better flame retardants are mainly divided into the two types described above according to their components. Of course, they can be classified according to the method of use. At present, the common flame retardants in the market are mainly divided into additive type and reactive type. And so on, various polymer substances will be added to these different materials to achieve a better flame retardant effect, thereby fundamentally inhibiting the spread and occurrence of flames.

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