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    Zinc borate

    Zinc borate

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    High purity zinc borate

    CAS NO.:10361-94-1

    Technical Specifications:
    Project/Level Metrics
    Whiteness 98
    Appearance water%≤ 0.5-1.0
    Particle size µm 3-5
    ZnO% ZnO% 37.0-40.0
    Boron oxide B2O3% 45.0-48.0
    Loss on ignition % 13.5-15.5
    fineness (325 sieve residue)%≤ 0.1
    Specific gravity g/cm3 2.67
    melting point℃ 980
    Loss of crystal water temperature℃> 320
    Refractive Index 1.58

    High-purity zinc borate is an environmentally friendly non-halogen flame retardant. This product has the characteristics of non-toxicity, low water solubility, high thermal stability, small particle size, small specific gravity, and good dispersibility. As a high-efficiency flame retardant, it is widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings and other fields.

    Product Application:

    1. High-purity zinc borate can be used as a multifunctional synergistic additive for antimony oxide or other interhalogen flame retardants, which can effectively improve the flame retardant performance, reduce the generation of smoke during combustion, and can adjust the chemical properties of rubber and plastic products. , mechanical, electrical and other aspects of performance.

    2. As a partially or completely environmentally friendly substitute for halogen-containing flame retardants, high-purity zinc borate is being widely used directly in the processing of plastics and rubber, such as PVC, PE, PP, reinforced polyamide, polychlorinated Ester, polystyrene, epoxy resin, polyester vinyl resin and natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene rubber, etc. It can also be used in paper, fabrics, decorative panels, floor leather, wallpaper, carpets, ceramic glazes, and fungicides. In the production of coatings to improve flame retardant properties.

    3. Based on other properties of high-purity zinc borate, it can also be used in the fields of anti-corrosion, far-infrared absorption, and insect-proof and anti-bacteria treatment of wood.


    This product is packaged, transported and stored as general chemicals.

    The main packaging is 25KG/bag

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