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    Click to view DecaBDE MSDS details< /p>

    Click to view DecaBDE SGS details< /p> Decabromodiphenylethane

    CAS NO: 848526-53-9

    Product Metrics:
    Appearance white powder
    bromine content%≥ 81.5
    Whiteness ISC≥ 88.0
    volatile matter%≤ 0.05
    Average particle size um≤ 5.0
    Product Description:

    The flame retardant decabromodiphenylethane has excellent thermal stability, high bromine content, good thermal stability, good anti-ultraviolet performance, low exudation, almost insoluble in all solvents, widely used in benzene Vinyl polymers, engineering thermoplastics, wire and cable coverings and insulators, elastomers and thermosetting plastics, etc. It is especially suitable for the production of high-grade materials such as computers, fax machines, copiers, home appliances, etc. It does not produce toxic polybrominated dibenzodioxane (DBDO) and polybrominated dibenzofuran (DBDF) when burning, and its flame retardant materials fully meet the requirements of European regulations on dioxins and do not cause harm to the environment .


    25kg/plastic woven bag (lined with PE bag)

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