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    Ethylene Glycol Antimony

    Ethylene Glycol Antimony

    Antimony glycol is the latest product of antimony polyester polycondensation catalyst, and it is a substitute for antimony trioxide and antimony acetate catalysts. Since ethylene glycol antimony does not bring into acetate, zero-valent antimony and high-valent antimony in the polycondensation reaction, the produced polyester product has the characteristics of excellent color and luster, high thermal degradation stability, good spinnability, etc., and eliminates the need for acetic acid. Root corrosion of equipment.

    Advantages of Chenzhou ethylene glycol antimony:

    Excellent hue value:

    The physical index of ethylene glycol antimony is better than similar dry ethylene glycol antimony, with high L value and low B value.

    High solubility:

    Ethylene glycol antimony can be fully dissolved in 20 minutes at 70℃.

    High Quality Ingredients:

    Self-mining stone→Chenzhou brand antimony ingot→Chenzhou brand antimony trioxide→Chenzhou brand ethylene glycol antimony

    Leading Craftsmanship:

    In addition to reducing energy consumption, the washing and drying procedures in the traditional production process are reduced to prevent the reduction reaction of ethylene glycol and antimony and the entry of other substances.

    Premium Packaging:

    Using the export EU standard dangerous goods packaging grade, the inner bag is packed with vacuum aluminum-plastic, which can effectively ensure the product quality.

    Super resource advantage:

    Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd. has abundant reserves of antimony ore resources in the country, and the supply capacity is our absolute advantage.

    Quality Project Technical Requirements
    Antimony Content (Sb)% 55.5-57.5
    Chloride(Ci)% ≤0.005
    Iron (Fe)% ≤0.003
    Arsenic (As)% ≤0.005
    Lead (Pb)% ≤0.004
    Sulfate (SO4)% ≤0.003
    Transmittance (295nm)% ≥95
    a*≥ -0.5
    b*≤ 3.0
    L*≥ 95
    Solubility (20 minutes in ethylene glycol at 70°C) colorless and transparent

    Properties: White microcrystals, easily soluble in ethylene glycol, easy to absorb moisture in the air, need to be tightly sealed;

    Usage: Mainly used for polyester chemical fiber production;

    Packing: aluminum-plastic vacuum packaging, net weight per bag: 15KG, 20KG, 25KG.

    The large package adopts international standard pallet packaging, and each large package has 8 paper honeycomb boxes to ensure the safety of product transportation and storage.

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