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    Sodium metaantimonate

    Sodium metaantimonate

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    Sodium Metaantimonate

    Molecular formula: NaSbO3

    Molecular weight: 192.7

    CASNumber: 15432-85-6

    I. Characters

    White particles, soluble in strong inorganic acid, tartaric acid, slightly soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in dilute acid, and will not burn in open flame.

    Non-explosive, non-corrosive, the decomposition temperature is 1427℃.

    2. Specifications
    Ingredient Content Quality Metrics
    Sb% 61.0min
    Sb3+% 0.5max
    As% 0.030max
    Cd% 0.001max
    Cr% 0.001max
    Fe% 0.006max
    Hg% 0.001max
    Pb% 0.050max
    NaOH% 0.5max
    Water loss (105℃/1h)% 0.5max
    Weightless (700℃/1h)% 1.0max
    Hue L 95.0min
    b 2.0max
    325 mesh sieve residue% 0.1max
    Average particle size um 5.0max
    Three, use

    It is mainly used as a clarifier for the glass bulbs of various monitors such as TV picture tubes and computers and high-grade glass. Engineering in PET

    Specially used as a flame retardant in plastics, and used as a flame retardant in high-performance PA and PBT.

    4. Packaging and storage

    There are two kinds of 1000KG packaging and 25KG packaging, using three-layer packaging, the inner layer is PE film bag, and the outer layer is double-layer PE woven

    Woven bags. Store the product in a dry and clean place.

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