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    Plastic functional masterbatch (PBT series)

    Plastic functional masterbatch (PBT series)

    Plastic functional masterbatch (PBT series)

    The company's special "Chenzhou" brand antimony trioxide is used as the main raw material to solve the problem of insufficient antimony resources. Masterbatch can completely solve the disadvantages of antimony trioxide dust pollution, uneven dispersion, loss, etc. The flame retardancy of masterbatch and powder antimony trioxide remains unchanged. It is the first choice for plastic modification factories and injection molding factories to reduce costs.

    1. Raw material requirements:
    1. Antimony trioxide
    Antimony Trioxide Arsenic Lead Iron Nickel Copper Cadmium Selenium
    99.8% <0.04% <0.04% <30ppm <10ppm <10ppm <5ppm <10ppm
    mercury granularity Color L a b Black dot 50µm plug mesh
    <10ppm 0.6-1.2µm white >94 (-0.5,+0.5) 1.5-2.5 ≤10 ≤0.008%
    2. PBT resin: Changchun, Taiwan: PBT/1200-211M
    Specific gravity Melting flow rate Shrinkage Water Absorption Rockwell hardness tensile stress tensile strain
    1.31g/cm3 46g/10min 0.12-0.18% 0.60% 87 55.0MPa >50%
    Flexural Modulus Bending Strength Heat deformation temperature Melting temperature Linear Expansion Coefficient Surface Resistivity Dielectric Strength
    2450MPa 83MPa 155℃ 223-227℃ 0.000090cm/cm/℃ 1.0E+13ohms 20V/mm
    Second, finished product specifications:
    Model Appearance SB2O3 content Carrier and Auxiliary melting point Main Carrier Particle size
    CZG-70B white particles 70±1% ≤30% 225℃ PBT 2mm-4mm
    CZG-80B white particles 80±1% ≤20% 225℃ PBT 2mm-4mm
    Three, features:

    1. No dust pollution, improve the working environment, and workers will not have occupational diseases such as skin allergies;

    2. Comply with RoHS, REACH, PAHs and other environmental protection standards and regulatory requirements;

    3. Excellent compatibility with resin, good dispersion, good fluidity and high thermal stability;

    4. It can be used with various flame retardants to play a synergistic effect;

    5. No loss, reducing the amount of antimony trioxide, which can effectively save resources

    Four. Application:

    It is used for the flame retardant of PBT, PA and other plastics, and it is produced by mixing with the matrix resin and various additives.

    V. Packaging:

    25KG/bag, 1MT/bag, paper-plastic composite film bag, lined with PE bag.

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