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    antimony trioxide

    antimony trioxide

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    Antimony trioxide
    First, product quality:
    Grade Sb2O3 PbO CuO As2O3 Fe2O3 Se Cd
    Normal ≥99.8% ≤0.05% ≤0.0015% ≤0.05% ≤0.003% ≤0.0008% ≤0.0005
    Second, physical properties:
    melting point 656℃
    Boiling Point 1425℃
    Specific Gravity 5.2
    Whiteness 85 degrees
    fineness 0.4~1.2μm
    Molecular weight 291.6
    CASNO 1309-64-4
    Three, product use:

    1. Plastic processors use it as a synergistic flame retardant in thermoplastics and thermosets, with end uses in transportation, construction and structures

    Industrial fields such as materials, electrical appliances, wires and cables and furniture;

    2. Rubber processors use it in rubber hoses, transmission belts, carpet backings and other rubber products that require flame retardancy;

    3. Automobile manufacturers use it in polyvinyl chloride seat covers, carpets and other rubber parts under the hood or in the car;

    4. Synthetic fiber producers use it indirectly as a treatment catalyst, antimony oxide to high molecular weight polyethylene terephthalate

    Esterification of resins and fibers is very important;

    5. Glass producers use it as a redox fining agent, in the process of glass coloring, antimony oxide reduces some gold

    Genus (including iron, manganese, chromium), which can reduce the valence state to obtain stronger glass color;

    6. Ceramic and glaze producers use it as a bright and transparent white colorant mixed in glass or oil.

    This colorant is widely used in cast iron oil porcelain tubs;

    7. Paint producers use it for flame retardant color white 11, and combine it with other metals to form color yellow 41, 53 and 118;

    8. Paper product processors use it as an essential ingredient in flame-retardant paper, which can be used as household insulation products;

    9. Chemical producers use it to produce a special FDA-approved heat stabilizer (antimony thiolate) for PVC,

    It is also used as an intermediate in organic and inorganic compounds, and is used by fluorescent lamp manufacturers to activate a halogen

    Calcium phosphate phosphor;

    10. Solid lubricant producers use it as a synergist for molybdenum disulfide, which plays a role in the field of aerospace industry lubrication.

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