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    Nanoscale Antimony Trioxide

    Nanoscale Antimony Trioxide

    Nano antimony trioxide
    Quality Metrics:
    Project Appearance Purity Arsenic Lead Iron Cadmium Sulfate Hue L value a value b-value Crystal form
    Measured white powder ≥99.96 ≤0.01 ≤0.0004 ≤0.0008 ≤0.0005 ≥0.001 ≥98 ≤-0.8 ≤1> Pure Cube
    Physical Properties:

    Whiteness 97.62% Average particle size>Molecular weight 291.6 CASNO.1309-64-4


    Nano-scale antimony trioxide has the characteristics of high purity, high whiteness, narrow particle size distribution, small average particle size, low impurity content, high proportion of cubic crystal form, and low tartaric acid insoluble matter.

    (1) It is used as a high-efficiency catalyst in polyester polycondensation reaction, and has the characteristics of good solubility, uniform dispersion, good catalytic activity, and rapid polycondensation reaction.

    (2) Used as a flame retardant synergist in chemical fiber melt spinning, the spinning cycle is long and the filament is not easy to break.

    (3) As a flame retardant synergist, it is widely used in the rubber industry to facilitate extrusion molding and improve the tensile properties of materials

    And impact strength physical and chemical properties.

    (4) It is used as a high-efficiency reaction raw material in other antimony compound production industries.

    (5) It can also be used in electronic ceramics, epoxy resin, enamel, glass, medicine and other industries.


    The net weight of each bag is 25KG, 300KG and 500KG.

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